1. I was helping out a friend with a film study project and we spent more time in the record store than actually working
  2. An art upload from my journal
  3. When I'm being supportive of my friends I send this and write "I belieb in you." They don't find it funny.
  4. I like brightly colored rain gear. It makes something happy out of weather that seems to bring people down. I love bad weather though.
  5. Contemporary art, I'm told.
  6. On weekend nights past midnight the library is pretty much empty. I sit on the floor and read artist biographies. No one really knows I do this. It's nice when I don't feel like people.
  7. Shipping out the zines and some freebies
  8. I have a million photos of the sky. I just do.
  9. Room at home.
  10. I was packing. I miss the weather that allows this.
  11. Waking up with this on my arm. Thanks.
  12. My friend Pete's sick tattoo. Look at the gradient. I didn't know it was possible.
  13. More sky.
  14. What I look like from behind. Never really see this.
  15. Alone! A lot! It's fine.
  16. I made magnets for Marco and Colin's apartment.
  17. When my hair was redder.
  18. I got into this skewed panorama concept. Taken from the roof of a parking garage. I haven't been in a while. I'll go soon.
  19. From Letterscapes.
  20. College
  21. Arting
  22. I am in love with the sky
  23. Arting
  24. Magnet poetry
  25. Shrek Saturday was actually really good
  26. This was a great night
  28. The city is on fire
  29. My grandma went on a cruise and brought me back this t shirt
  30. Arting
  31. I hope she knows how beautiful she is
  32. Fuckin Greyson Chance
  33. Visiting all coffee shops
  34. David Levithan
  35. True
  36. Adventures alone edition