2. Jenny get itttt
  3. Jenny I luv u so you better not fuckin turn this down
  4. Why do I watch such shallow television
  5. Bart oooooooo awkward
  6. He and his son have the same husky lil voice
  7. Drag her
  8. Nate I fucking hate you and Jenny is so much better for you
  9. Dan's gonna give her a chance
  10. Jenny you have a right to be mad
  12. Don't give your maid to Chuck!!!!
  13. Jenny don't get fuckin sucked into this again
  14. Blair, Aaron is not hot. Please. That lil mustache is horrid.
  15. Jenny don't be immoral but yeah bad things happening to Vanessa isn't something I mind
  16. I love Blair's screaming voice
  17. Aw moral Dan I appreciate you
  18. Serena you jealous horny bitch
  19. Vanessa admit how terrible you are so this is justified
  20. Bart you're in fuckin trouble
  21. They're like the Walmart version of Chuck and Blair
  22. Dan and Serena are over so their parents can totally get it now
  23. Aww Dan you're precious
  24. Serena as if you can fuckin judge oh my god you're all scandalous cmon
  25. Jenny you're so easily impressionable
  26. Nate you good person
  27. Ugh Vanessa go away
  28. Everyone makes being together so hard
  29. It shouldn't be so hard cmon