1. 1/20/09
    I was 7 when you took office, almost 8. I still remember watching nickelodeon early in the mornings and seeing the commercials telling kids to choose between the two final candidates. They called it "kids pick the president". I didn't want either to lose. Both of them seemed like nice men. But alas, you won and we all moved on with our lives.
  2. 2009-2012
    In those 4 years, i went about life perfectly fine. I never heard complaints. Mind you, I was 11 at best and no one goes around complaining about politics to an 11 year old (and if you do, why??). All I remember is my mom showing me pictures of you with your family in the White House playing with your dog. As well as Michelle Obama appearing on an episode of iCarly (which I thought was so cool of her, and it still is so cool of her), and doing the whole "Let's Move" campaign.
  3. 11/6/12
    My social studies teacher was Ms. Powell, & a few days before you were re-elected, she told us to tune in and watch one of the debates so that we could discuss it in class. I didn't understand much of what was going on. I still didn't want to choose between a candidate. They still both seemed like nice men to me, & if anything, I wanted Mitt Romney to win so that he "could have a turn as president, since Obama had already had one". Nevertheless, you won again, and I am now so thankful for that.
  4. 2012-2016
    As I grew older, I realized just how cool you and your family are. I watched you and your wife multiple times on the Tonight Show & I watched you on "Between Two Ferns". Joe Biden was on Parks and Rec for crying out loud(!!) I saw my Facebook friends or popular accounts praising you for being so funny, along with a link to the source. I felt so lucky to have someone in office who did so much, and yet still had time to make others laugh. Your friendship bracelets with Joe still get me every time.
  5. Growing up
    It's not like I'm an adult or anything, but my entire life, up until now, you're the only president I've ever (truly) known. You have been the perfect person to look up to these passed years. Your family brought true elegance to the White House- no rumors, no affairs, no incessant whining or angry tweets. I grew up with your daughters- I'm the same age as Malia. Though it must come to an end, it's been an honor to have you as my president.
  6. Here's to hope
    I am deeply offended that you can't run for a third term, this year of all years. But I'm being completely sincere when I say, please talk to Michelle and get her to run as soon as possible. We need more Obamas in our society. These next 4 years will be tough, and I pray that it'll only be 4. Let us hope that the 7 year olds of this generation don't grow up with the traits that your successor will be bringing to the White House. But with the ones that you tried so hard to leave us with.
  7. My apologies
    I hope that you and your family do well after this. And I hope this isn't the last we see of you. But for now, thank-you. Thank-you for doing all you could. Thank-you for doing all that you did. And I'm sorry that you're going to be leaving the White House for someone who's never known struggle. For someone who'd prefer to be in his mansion. For someone who only entered the competition because he wanted the golden medal on his wall- more for the gold than the medal.
  8. Bye for now
    I'm sorry about all the immature bullies you've had to face your entire life. But I thank you for not letting them stand in your way. Thank-you for believing in yourself. It's hard to say bye to someone I've had in my life since I can remember. This isn't the last we'll see of you. But until next time, it's been fun.