Characters I want to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

  1. Adam Warlock
    There are rumors that he could be introduced in "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2", just in time for him to be in "Infinity Wars", as he is in the comics. Adam Warlock is the possessor of the soul gem which, if I'm not mistaken, is the only one we haven't received a hint towards. (Time gem has already been hinted in Doctor Strange). Then again, Marvel could always pull one of their tricks where they introduce something not even remotely similar to the original story arc, but hey, who knows?
  2. Cloak (& Dagger, his team mate, but I'd especially like to see Cloak)
    Cloak is cool because his powers are pretty simple (he can absorb people into his cloak), but what happens from there is the trippy part: he sends them into this crazy dimension which is located inside him (??) more or less. People enveloped by Cloak's darkness feel numbing cold and crippling fear, sometimes seeing disturbing visions. Overlong exposure to the darkness can drive people insane. I don't know about you, but that's awesome. And unless the captive is freed, they'll die in there.
  3. In-Betweener
    He is the "synthesis of all dualistic concepts in the universe: life & death, reality & illusion, good & evil, logic & emotion, god & man. He possesses immeasureable intelligence & stamina & incalculable strength. His understanding of the forces of time & space is beyond human comprehension, although he is neither all-knowing or infallible. He possesses virtually unlimited ability to manipulate time, space, matter and energy. He is immune to the effects of the Infinity Gems." How cool is that??
  4. Nova
    Like Adam Warlock, some have speculated the possibility of him appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy. Some think that he'll get his own movie within the next 6 years, Who knows? He can fly and he's part of the Nova Corps which are an intergalactic police force. He's cool, okay? Trust me.
  5. Vulture
    Was supposed to be in Spider-Man 4, until the movie was canceled. Was supposed to be in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, until the rights were handed over to Marvel, and thus, the movie was canceled. Rumored to be in the new Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, so listen TF UP IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO VULTURE GOOD LORD THE MCU IS AS GOOD AS DEAD TO ME
  6. Earth 12041 Vulture
    This Vulture is from the Marvel Animated Universe. Probably an unpopular opinion: but I'd prefer to see this one though it's very definite that we'll be seeing the classic version in the new movie. This is a homeless teenage alternate version of Adrian Toomes. He is taken by doctor octopus and experimented on by mixing his DNA with that of a real vulture. He, unlike the more commonly known vulture, sprouts real wings and talons. No joke, I'd sign up for that experiment if I could.
  7. Enchantress
    Another character I'd like to be if I had the chance, though she is mainly on this list because I have a girl-crush on her, oops. I mean come on!? She's kind of like a female version of Loki, to put it simply, she has magical powers They've teamed up on various occasions, though it's highly unlikely that she'll be in the next Thor movie.
  8. Skrull Empire
    This isn't just one character, it's an entire race. Though it would probably look stupid on screen, I'd love to see it anyway. They're able to shape shift, and they began to take superheroes one by one, until they had infiltrated their teams. The Secret Invasion story arc was really interesting, and it's something I'd really like to see on the big screen no matter how ridiculous it may look.