1. It's B.J. Novak's birthday!!
    And can we talk about how perfect this is? I just wanted a random gif of Alastair Smythe, but then when I searched it, I remembered this happened. So, here is a gif of B.J. Novak saying happy birthday while I say happy birthday to him. Happy Birthday!! You are a true gift to this world. You're intellectual, witty, & hilarious. You're also very handsome, even though you said you want to be better looking. You're perfect the way you are, man. I wouldn't change a thing. Hope you have a great day!!!
  2. It's Harry Potter's birthday:D
    I had to do this after the incident that happened above. Anyways, Harry. Potter. You're a fictional character. Do I care? No. Get ready. You've been through so much, and it's so sad, and I always want to cry thinking about how far you've come, and this is a really run down sentence, do you see what you do? This is why I hate you. But I love you so much. I hope you're doing well. Say hi to Ginny and the kids for me. Love you. Bye. (... Though it's not really good bye after all)
  3. It's JK Rowling's birthday !
    No. You don't get a happy birthday. You know who's in this gif, right here? Fred Weasley. And you know what Fred Weasley did? Die. And you know why? Because you killed him. And Remus. And Colin. I mean are you serious? Colin? Colin? And like 16 other perfectly good people. I mean, come on, my only favorite characters left standing were Draco and Lucius. You serious, man? And George as well, but really? I can't believe you separated Fred and George. Unbelievable. Unforgivable. Fred? Fred????
  4. ... And joining the list this year... It's the release date of the most recent Harry Potter story- "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" !!!
    Ah, yes, my children. The time has come. My town sucks, so they're not having any midnight Harry Potter parties celebrating the new release. And now I have to wait 10 more hours than the average person to buy it. Wish me luck. Go buy it as well. This will literally buy you happiness. For only $14.99! You're welcome. It is the key to a great life. Go get yourself a taste of the good life, my treat;)