1. Starting class of 2019
    | Paulina, Raphael, Marlene | | Regina, Ana, Zoraya | We like to call ourselves the OG 6
  2. August 10 2015 (First Day of School)
    | Cano, Alonso, Cesar, Tony, Sebastian, Raphael, Ervin, Alan | | Mariana, Marlene, Jannaryss, Sofi, Zoraya, Ana, Regina, Paulina, Laura | These were all the new students that year for the first semester.
  3. September 16 2015 (Mexican Independence Day)
    | Cassandra, Jannaryss, Ervin, Sofi, Marlene, Melissa, Hao, Zoraya, Santi |
  4. October 29 2015 (Volleyball State Finals Trip)
    | Marlene, Jannaryss, Natalia, Zoraya, Mariana, Montse, Karla, Eugenia, Ximena, Melissa, María José, María José | | Mariana, Estefanía, Liz | We won 2A, which means second place- I in no way contributed to this, but it was a fun trip:)
  5. October 30 2015 (San Antonio Riverwalk)
    | Liz, Zoraya, Estefanía, Mariana | | Mariana | We all went, but my mom wanted a picture of me. We ate at Dicks Last Resort. We got in a fight with the waiter- I'm still not sure if it was a joke or not:/
  6. October 31 2015 (Six Flags)
    | Mariana, Natalia, María José, María José, Jannaryss, Marlene, Ximena, Eugenia | | Mariana, Melissa, Zoraya | | Estefanía, Montse, Karla, Liz | It started raining when we were at the front of the line for the Superman ride, and we were advised to get out of line because of technical difficulties, but we had been waiting for well over an hour and we weren't gonna let rain stop us. We made it out safe.
  7. November 14 2015 (Carnero)
    | Ana, Giordano, Marlene, Miguel, Zoraya, Mihael | Carnero is a two day leadership camp that we do every year at school where we sleep over and do a bunch of teamwork exercises.
  8. October 14 & 15 2015 (Carnero- Pink Team)
    | Carlos, Santiago, Alan, Ervin, Ab, Fer | | Jannaryss, Cassandra, Nohemi, Mariana, Mihael, Marcelo, Regina, Sofi | | Luisa, Martha, Bebo, Caro, Hao, Zoraya | Probably the best team that year;)
  9. November 24 2015 (Art Museum visit)
    | Regina, Marlene, Mr. Colby, Ana | | Zoraya, Raphael, Paulina |
  10. Static
    | Marlene, Regina | | Zoraya | Not a good picture, but we're the only ones that care about the scrapbook, so this picture is more useful in the comparison for Sophomore year.
  11. November 24 2015 (Thanksgiving Luncheon)
    | Regina's mom, Regina, Zoraya | My mom wasn't able to make it, so Regina said her mom would adopt me as hers.
  12. December 9 2015 (Artec IX)
    | Montse, Hal, Caro, Frida, Majo, Sofia, Pedro, Bebo, David, Melissa, Michelle, Sebastian, Cassandra, Jannaryss, Victoria, Fernanda, Zoraya, Martha, Luisa, Alan, Santi, Diego |
  13. December 14 2015 (Finals week)
    | Regina, Paulina, Raphael, Zoraya | This was a chemistry final. We had the teacher take this for us.
  14. December 17 2015 (A Very, Merry, Freshman Christmas)
    | Raphael, Paulina, Marlene, Zoraya, Regina, Ana | That was our Christmas tree in case you can't tell. We were on a budget.
  15. February ? 2016 ( A casual P.E. class day)
    | Marlene, Zoraya, Regina | No special occasion. But I think this might've been the day we started planning the scrapbook.
  16. March 2 2016 ( Barnes & Noble)
    | Regina, Zoraya, Marlene | I think we ate there before going to tennis? I don't remember why we went, but we took pictures. Probably just for the scrapbook.
  17. March 3 2016 (Mall Chik-Fil-A)
    | Marlene, Zoraya, Regina | We for sure went to tennis this day.
  18. March 4 2016 (The one with the same shirt)
    | Regina, Zoraya | The one where I couldn't think of an outfit so I told Regina to wear her Friends shirt so we could match Fun fact: the first time I ever saw Regina, she was wearing this shirt and I automatically hated her because 1. I had the same shirt and 2. I assumed she was a fake fan and there could only be one fan of friends in the class.
  19. March 22 2016 (Edible Book Fair)
    I won first place and I'm not sure if it was because this one was really good (in decoration) and as I later found out in taste or if it was because I made two.
  20. Static
    The book fair actually took place one day after my sisters birthday and I baked her this (and didn't let her eat it) because when we reenact the movies, she's Harry and I'm Draco. I took it to the book fair with me so I'd have a higher chance of winning.
  21. April 2 2016 (Skyla's quince)
    | Marlene, Skyla, Erika, Zoraya | This isn't school related, but Marlene's here so it is. This was my middle school squad. Throwbaaaack.
  22. April 5 2016 (make an outfit out of recyclable material)
    The pictures were never posted smh. This is the only photo of it that o have for the moment. Scroll on.
  23. April 13 2016 (My birthday)
    | Marlene, Zoraya, Ana, Regina | I thought I looked so nice. PC: Angel.
  24. April 26 2016 (Move Tec Move)
    | literally the entire school. There's 5 people missing at most | We entered the school in the "Lets Move" Campaign or something. The one that Michelle Obama was doing at the time.
  25. May 5 2016 (Robotics competition)
    | Angel, Joshua, Ab | | Alan, Santi, Marcelo, Diego | | Mayra (engineering teacher), Zoraya, Cassandra, Sofia, Ana, Marlene, Regina, Ramon (robotics teacher) | I did not think we would be taking pictures. I was not prepared. It seems I was the only one.
  26. Static
    | Regina, Mayra, Marlene, Ana, Sofia | |Cassandra, Regina | Group picture of the girls (Michelle wasn't here yet) that went on the trip.
  27. Static
    | Zoraya, Sofia, Cassandra, Ana, Marlene, Mayra, Santi | PC: Regina
  28. May 6 2016 (Sushi restaurant who's name I don't think I ever knew)
    | Diego, Zoraya | I look horrible in this photo, but we kind of recreated it unintentionally my sophomore year. This was also the day I officially tried Sushi for the first time because Diego said I'd like it, but I didn't. PC: Regina.
  29. May 7 2016 (Before leaving Albuquerque)
    | Santi, Zoraya, Diego, Alan, Joshua, Angel, Marcelo, Ab | | Regina, Marlene, Sofia, Ana | I asked to take another picture before we left since I looked horrible in the first one.
  30. May 9 2016 (NHS induction ceremony)
    | Andrée, Sofia, Ana, Zoraya |
  31. Static
    | Zoraya, Ximena |
  32. May 12 2016 (Artec X)
    | Diego, Zoraya, Ana, Giordano, Fer | This was Skyfall by Adele. I also played the keyboard in Iris by the Googoo Dolls. And I played the drums in Que Vida la Mia by Reik.
  33. Static
    | Edwin, Diego, Alan, Fer, Andrée, Zoraya, Mihael, Cassandra, Giordano, Marlene, Ana, Jannaryss, David (music teacher) | The music class:)
  34. Static
    | Zoraya, Regina, Ana | Another horrible picture, but we unintentionally recreated it Sophomore year, so it stays.
  35. Static
    Yes, I was also in art. Look at that talent. I did the Spider-Man and Tom Hiddleston paintings.
  36. May 13 2016 (Independent Burger after watching Civil War)
    | Zoraya, Regina | We watched Civil War for a second time, but this time with Fer, Santi, Marcelo, & Diego. We were supposed to watch it at the Alamo, but then we found out we had to be 18+ to get in, so we ended up having to go to the Bistro at the mall. Which was convenient because Fer left the movie early to go to her job (in the mall) and the guys had a birthday party they had to attend right after the movie which was really close by-they ran there.
  37. May 18 2016 (Women in STEM programs luncheon)
    | Marlene, Regina, Zoraya, Ana, Sofia, Fer, Sam, Mayra | This was taken before we left school for a luncheon that promoted women taking part in STEM careers and such. Something like that.
  38. Static
    | Fer, Zoraya, Sofia, Sam |
  39. Static
    | Ana, Zoraya, Marlene, Regina | One for the scrapbook
  40. May 19 2017 (Createc)
    | Zoraya, Raphael, Marlene, Ana, Pooll, Bryan, Paulina, Alexis | | Jose Angel, Regina, Angel | We might've taken this a week or so earlier, but I'm not sure. It's staying here, though.
  41. May 20 2016 (Last Day of Classes)
    | Ana, Paulina, Zoraya, Marlene, Regina | This was literally just the drive to Ana's house.
  42. (Freshman Pool Party)
    | Bryan, Pooll, Raphael, Paulina | | Zoraya, Ana, Marlene, Regina | The iconic freshman pool party. We were missing Angel, Alexis, and Jose Angel.
  43. May 25 2016 (Tennis)
    | Regina, Raphael | Ana, Marlene | Zoraya, Mia | We all either felt like playing or learning Tennis.
  44. June 1 2016 (The official adoption)
    | Zoraya, Regina | When me and Regina got Thor/ Loki rings. You know, since I'm the adopted brother of her family. And because I love Loki.
  45. June 10 2016 (Now You See Me 2/ Whataburger)
    | Marlene, Zoraya, Regina | This was the day that we all went to watch Now You See Me 2 (I had already seen it), and then we walked around for about 40 minutes, and then we went to whataburger.
  46. July 2 2016 (Erika's Birthday/ Anahí & Yami's quince)
    | Marlene, Zoraya, Erika, Amanda | Erika had her birthday lunch, and then we went to the quince afterwards where basically our entire middle school class was.
  47. Static
    | Zoraya, Marlene, Regina | | Ana, Amanda | This was supposed to be a squad picture, but I guess Amanda thought it was okay to come in?? She literally didn't know any of us, but ok
  48. July 22 2016 (High School Musical 4)
    | Zoraya, Marlene, Ana, Regina | We wanted to recreate the High School Musical 2 cover photo. I think I did pretty well.
  49. Static
    | Zoraya, Marlene | Another not very flattering picture, but again we recreated it almost a year later.
  50. July 29 2016 (The one where we tried)
    | Marlene, Ashley, Ana, Regina, Zoraya | Bruno | There was 6 of us. There's 6 friends. We googled a picture of them sitting on the couch. This was also the day we celebrated Regina's birthday because Ana was leaving and Regina and Marlene would be on vacation by then.
  51. July 30 2016 (an iconic squad)
    | Ashley, Ana | | Marlene | | Regina, Zoraya | About an hour past midnight. This is probably the best photo we will have ever taken. PC: Bruno.
  52. August 3 2016 (Ana's last night)
    | Regina, Ana, Zoraya | I don't know why she's like this. Don't ask.
  53. August 9 2016 (Ashley's birthday)
    | Zoraya, Ashley | Ashley's my best friend from middle school. This was a sleepover we had at her house, and most importantly, this was the first time I ever watched Stranger Things.
  54. Closing class of 2019
    | Bryan, Pooll, Angel, Raphael, Alexis | | Paulina, Zoraya, Jose Angel, Ana, Regina, Marlene | Look at how much we grew in just 9 months. This is progress for us alright?