Photos from Puerto/Nuevo Vallarta (and towns along the way)

I take an annual trip here, so if you have any questions- feel free to ask.
  1. DAY 1:
    I take a flight from Juarez to Guadalajara, rent a car (though you can take a bus or taxi), and drive to Nuevo Vallarta. It takes about 5 hours to get there, so I suggest staying in Guadalajara over night
  2. DAY 2:
    The entire drive from Guadalajara to Nuevo Vallarta is absolutely beautiful. Every time I'd stare into the wilderness, I had this urge to get out of the car and go explore everything that there was to see, (Sadly, I didn't get to)
  3. Zapopan
  4. Hostotipaquillo
  5. Ixtlán del Rió
  6. DAY 3:
    Basically all the pictures that follow are taken in a resort I stay at named "The Grand Mayan". It has different hotels and a bunch of things to do so that you never have to leave the resort. They're constantly renovating and making it even bigger than it already is. Every year, there's something new to look out for.
  7. Sorry for all the pool photos, but hey, I didn't hold my phone so close to the water for nothing.
  8. DAY 4:
  9. This is the view from one of the restaurants at the resort. It's named "Café del Lago", and you get to eat at the breakfast buffet for free if you sign up for the timeshare talk or whatever you call that.
  10. And this is the view from a balcony from when the timeshare tour person shows you around the many rooms you could have if you agreed to buying a timeshare.
  11. The reason I come back every year.
    The noises that Dolphins are able to give off can activate neurons in the human brain that may not have been being used. This is one of the only places that gives actual "Dolphin Therapy", so my family and I visit every year. However, it is uncertain whether they'll be giving the therapy by next year. My whole family takes this trip for my youngest sister, but every now & then, we listen in on the Dolphin noises & it's a great help to us all. The employees are all very kind & I definitely ++
  12. +
    ++ recommend stopping by. This is at a place only a few minutes away from the resort, named "Vallarta Adventures". You can swim with dolphins or sea lions, & they also have boat rides that take you to hidden beaches, or wilderness adventures and such. I took a boat ride to a hidden beach last year and it was amazing. They had kayaking, and scuba diving, paddle boarding, and a great crew.
  13. DAY 5:
    These next three all look the same, but I liked them all, so here you go.
  14. DAY 6:
  15. DAY 7:
  16. DAY 8:
    Our last day at the resort:-(. No pictures, it was a rainy day. But here, have a picture of the view from the hotel room
  17. DAY 9:
  18. Compostela
  19. aaaand I got a little tired of sticking my phone on the car window, so I didn't take pictures of any of the cities on the drive back.
  20. Tlaquepaque
    This is a city close to Guadalajara which is about a 40 minute drive away (depending on which part of Guadalajara you're in). I took this photo at a part in the city where there are small shops everywhere. It's pretty cute.
  21. DAY 10:
  22. :-(((