Fact: I will not stop having kids until I have twins, so I expect to have a lot of kids. I also expect/hope to give birth to mostly boys because I only have a few names in mind for a girl. And by the way, I don't plan on having 19 kids- I'll use half of these as middle names.
  1. Peter
  2. Ryan
  3. Daniel
  4. Scarlet
  5. Percy
  6. Adam
  7. Oliver
  8. Pietro
  9. Benjamin
  10. Lucius
  11. Hansel
  12. Marcelo
  13. Noah
  14. Brooklyn
  15. Thomas
  16. Joshua
  17. Kristen
    Just in case I have more than one girl
  18. Victoria
    In case I have more than two girls
  19. Sierra
    In case I have more than 3 girls