1. Watching things in separate rooms. I can't for the life of me figure out why I ever wanted to watch something in a different room. Who cares if I wanted to watch something different then you did. I would give anything to be watching anything in the same room as you now, (even dance moms).
  2. Not making dinner enough. You worked, (still do), so hard, and drove so far yet I hardly ever made dinner. That was inconsiderate, selfish. You deserve to have someone make you dinner.
  3. Working to much. There were too many meetings. I should have stayed home more. Love the life we were having, in that moment
  4. Not trying to make new friends with you. I should have tried to make new friends with you, as a partner, not leave you to do it all on your own.
  5. Not celebrating your accomplishments more. You've accomplished so much, (yes you have), whether it's getting your masters degree, your kids getting great test scores, or you meeting Sarah Dessen. I should have celebrated you more.
  6. Looking at too many screens. I should have been more present.
  7. I should never have deleted the website. I would give anything to have those notes back.
  8. I love you, I miss you.