1. At first, I thought this would just require a "duh" because who doesn't want to be someone who seems as affable and whip-smart as MK. But, here's the real reason: South Asians take a lot of shit for being too brown skinned or a bit hairy or having a funny accent. Mindy blew your awful stereotypes out of the water so hard. I want to feel that "fuck, yeah" feeling for a day.
  2. my mother
    I would like to see her life from her perspective. That's all.
  3. I could leave behind one beautiful verse on my day as a crafter of tunes. Several mornings later, I might wake up and hear the words I wrote as him being sung by him. Instant legacy.
  4. Ben, my dog
    What does he think about? What does he see? What does he do all day on the days I don't bring him to work? Does he enjoy riding in a streetcar? I have many questions and I really want some answers!