1. alex guarnaschelli
    look at her instagram. #growllllll
  2. geof manthorne
    tall, lanky, probably can't catch a football. my type.
  3. bobby flay
    i've heard he's a dick, but also...i want him to yell at me like he yells at sous-chef renée.
  4. alton brown
    tweed turns me on.
  5. marc forgione
    i can't help it.
  6. michael symon
    if hot PE teachers existed, he would be one of them.
  7. giada dilaurentiis
    despite the way she robotically changes her accent when pronouncing the names of italian cheeses. i mean, come on.
  8. geoffrey zakarian
    pretty sure he mistreats his employees, but he likes hamilton!
  9. martha stewart
    did you know she went to barnard?
  10. ina garten
    just so she doesn't kill me in my sleep.