Please don't read this as "Julia Louis-Dreyfuss did not, at some point, deserve an Emmy" because that isn't true. But these comedy actresses (sticking to this year/TV season for my own sanity) need/deserve some Academy love.
  1. Gina Rodriguez for Jane the Virgin
    Gina Rodriguez is such a powerhouse and she has the nicest face any human being has ever had. She's so perfectly sincere and grounded in this amazing, genius whirlwind of a show.
  2. Aya Cash for You're the Worst
    Aya Cash's expression changes so quickly and so extremely, it's amazing. She deserves an Emmy for how easily she kills one liners, but she also has the bonus of tackling a well-done storyline about Gretchen's clinical depression.
  3. Sharon Horgan for Catastrophe
    Sharon Horgan is so funny and real in this short, sweet series (since season 2 is already coming, will both be eligible for Emmy submissions? will it be considered a miniseries?). She devastates, but she's also hilarious!
  4. Mindy Kaling for The Mindy Project
    Hulu has really amped up The Mindy Project and Mindy Kaling absolutely killed it when she had a baby on a subway car. I also think she'll do very well when she gone girls Danny later in the season.
  5. Lisa Kudrow for The Comeback
    I know this was last year but I'm still mad about it.