I don't think swearing is bad, but I'd like to speak more clearly. The stigmatization & labeling of strong words as profane is pretentious & archaic, BUT I could learn to be more articulate & specify what I mean to better identify how I feel & clarify why. Swearing feels satisfying, but being more articulate may help me sort out my emotions better.
  1. "Fuck!" Or "Fuckin' a" Or "God (fucking) damn it!"
    The magnitude of this problem is overwhelming. I cannot or do not know how to cope with this reality immediately. I need time.
  2. "Are you fucking kidding me?!"
    I cannot believe this! Tell me you're joking... Say it ain't soooooo!
  3. "Shut the fuck up!"
    Depending on tone: 1) No way! I don't believe you/it! 2) Please don't interrupt me. 3) Wow! That's awesome!! This is too good to be true!
  4. "Fuck off!"
    Get lost. Drop dead (😬😂).
  5. "You're a fucking idiot!" Or "Are you a fucking moron?!"
    1) I'm trying to understand why you're so incompetent and I'm at a loss. 2) You need to go back to med school. 3) How are you an adult?