None of that plastic-packaged Cracker Barrel cheese-swill
  1. Robiola, a mythical cheese from Piemonte, Italy, made from the milk of cows, sheep AND goats
  2. Stracchino, a soft cheese from northern Italy (sometimes made from sheep milk), that a Venetian pig-butcherer I know once described as "an emotional experience"
  3. That oval-shaped, ash-covered goat cheese in a plastic container that is sometimes carried at Whole Foods and is just skunky enough
  4. Camembert (don't pronounce the "t" if you don't want to be laughed at in the cheese aisle at Sainsbury's by better-cultured [cheese pun?] Brits)
  5. Gorgonzola, extra creamy
  6. Wensleydale with cranberries
  7. Cheddar that couldn't fly for free on an airline (if it were a human child/if governments weren't such pleasure-stealing jerks to begin with)
  8. Any blue sheep cheese (though only that which is intended to be "blue")
  9. Mozzarella d'bufala. None of that tasteless American plasticky stuff.
  10. Ricotta that comes in a basket and is made from sheep milk
  11. Any cheese in France that is cut and sold by a person at a market
  12. Any hard cheese that smells so rank you think not of dairy paradise but of the cheesemaker's sweaty underpants. Seriously. Use on pasta and use sparingly.