1. Go to another room
  2. Dick around on the phone for hours
  3. Remind myself of all the shit I need to do
  4. Feel guilty for not doing it
  5. Dick around on the phone for a few more hours.
  6. Remember that I have goals that can be reached if I but try
  7. Tell myself that I will feel good if I accomplish things
  8. Tell myself I will feel terrible if I don't
  9. Remember that tianeptine and meditation will help me to get going.
  10. Remember that if I don't get going, my brain is going to be less likely to move forward on good ideas because the shame of not having achieved anything even after seeking out advice is too great.
  11. Remember the look on everyone's faces when they look like they're thinking "oh, yeah. You totally won't do anything of value". "You're stuck here forever"
  12. Remember that there are people I need to inspire by going and doing it before they feel like it's possible.
  13. Remember the people that are doing it, but clearly don't have any good ideas, but I know that I do.
  14. Remember that it really doesn't matter if I fail if I get paid through the act of doing.
  15. Know that if i get up nice and early, I will recieve a boost from that.